About Us


We are united by our Catholic faith and by the moral imperative of responding to and raising awareness about climate change. We actively encourage the renewal of our relationship with God’s creation, for current and future generations.


  • To raise awareness within the Church about the urgency of climate action in light of Catholic social and environmental teachings
  • To support global solidarity on the current ecological crisis and to restore our relationship with all species
  • To advocate with our brothers and sisters in poverty who are on the frontline in bearing the brunt of the effects of climate change
  • To promote ecological conversion through personal and organisational change to reduce our emissions and transition to a low carbon world
  • To advance the Catholic relationship between faith and reason, especially as it relates to adaptive decision making in areas of climate change policy
  • To urge political, business and social leaders to commit to ambitious climate action to solve this urgent crisis and keep the global temperature increase below 1.5 degree Celsius (relative to pre-industrial levels)


  • Praying and Fasting in solidarity with those who are most affected by the changing global climate
  • Educating about the climate crisis and how it impacts all peoples and species, the Church’s social and environmental teachings, and how to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Advocating for the world’s policy makers and all Catholics to act in ways appropriate to their spheres of influence to protect the common good through mitigation and adaptation policies which promote social and environmental resilience to climate change
  • Mobilizing Catholics on an individual, community and regional level, at scale ahead of the 2015 Paris COP 21 – along with the global climate movement
  • Sharing Catholic actions, best practices and case studies on climate change
  • Promoting interfaith dialogue and action on climate change and with all people of good will


The GCCM is led by a Steering Committee that is made up of active founding members who decide on the general direction of the GCCM, its global guidelines, educational and campaign activities. Steering Committee members steer through a weekly call. To make our work manageable globally, Steering Committee members lead the GCCM activities for their assigned region. And our initiatives our scaled throughout the world through our global network of partners.


GCCM Supporters

Individual Catholics who help to raise awareness and help organise activities for the GCCM. If you would like to help promoting our campaigns, join here. If you would like to volunteer on a weekly basis and get involved in the organization of our campaigns, apply by following these instructions.

GCCM Partners, of 2 types:

  • Catholic organisations who help organise activities for the GCCM and amplify our initiatives through their networks. See List of endorsers.
  • Interfaith groups, educational organisations and environmental NGOs who as supporting partners. They support and endorse our work, – but are not involved in the active running of the GCCM.